Friday, January 9, 2009

What now.. Out of Business?

Well I have had several emails asking me what do I plan to do when this new law goes in to place. I wished I could answer you with a straight answer but I can not. :O( As of now come Feb. 10th I will not be able to sell my hair accessories to children under the age of 12. The new law is making it so that we have to have all of our handmade things lead tested. EVEN though our products that we use to make our designs are already tested, they are saying we must test them 3rd party. This is VERY expensive and not something people can just pay for. SO what now?? Buy buy buy! LOLL All of the accessories I have for sale on ebay, etsy, and my online store will not be in stock as of Feb.10th. If I sell I could be fined. We are trying to get this law changed! I will post any website and or information to you all that you can write to. I need help as do so many other designers to have your voice heard! To save handmade items! So please ladies stock up on those accessories that you are wanting before Feb. 10th. PLEASE I ask that all of you who are NOT on my mailing list PLEASE do so. This will be the BEST way to keep everyone posted. At the bottom of this page you will see a place to sign up.

Have custom orders?? Hurry and get them in before Feb.10th. Let's all hope and pray this does not last long....

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  1. Angie, we are praying for you. This just sucks...for you, and FOR US!! For your customers!


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