Sunday, July 24, 2011

Funky Loopy Bow Instructions

Several years ago while make bows for my daughter and online customers I found that I had a HUGE pile of scrap ribbon. Pieces of ribbons that I hated to part with. Nothing was "trash" to me. LOLL Some of the ribbons I had were not even in stores anymore. Hmmm so I thought.. there has to be a way to make use of all of these "scraps". I went looking online in search of all the bow styles out there. Thinking there was someway I could make a bow of my own. Something different, something new. I saw this one bow where the ribbon ran across the clip in a row of loops. From there my mind went running. How could I make a bow bigger and fuller using all the scraps that I had. Then one night after trying several ribbons, clips, thread and scraps... the FUNKY LOOPY BOW was created. I have been making these for years now and started selling the instructions online a few years back.

So if you are looking to create a funky, fun, wild kind of bow this is it!!! Be sure to stop by my online store and purchase the instructions. You will fall in love with making these bows for your cutie pie.

Be sure to buy the original instructions from me Angie @ DoodlesBowtique. Click Here! Some have bought my instructions and now are selling them as "their" own. So be careful when shopping around for tutorials. ~Why buy an imitation when you can have the original?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cease and Desist

April, 12, 2011


Nombre: Rodriguez, Sandra

Ubicación: México (México D.f.)

Teléfono: 55-18187030


Re: Cease and Desist / Violation of Copyrighted Images and Designs

Dear Ms. Rodriquez:

This is to notify you that we are aware of your misappropriation of our images from our Website, Etsy Shop, Online Photo Storage Sites, Facebook Page, and Digital Tutorials/Ebooks containing original DoodlesBowtique designs, pictures, instructions, pictures of my child, a minor and my logo

We are aware many photos on your website that were taken directly from our site. My logo "DoodlesBowtique" is in MOST of the pictures. We are also aware that you are selling our copyrighted hair bow tutorials as your own. You have plagarised them and are reselling them which is in direct violation of American and Mexican copyright laws. Our instructions are written by us, they show photos of US in them depicting each and every step.

We are demanding that you immediately remove these photos from your listings, and any other advertisement materials, both electronic or printed materials, and that you do not process any orders placed for items you have been misrepresenting as your original creations and photographs.

We invest a lot of energy and time creating our unique designs, editing our photos, choosing page layouts and maintaining our website. We respect other individuals that are attempting to run their businesses online, and we demand the same respect in return. We are very committed to protecting our business and will take whatever means necessary to ensure that our hard work is not misappropriated in the marketplace.

Therefore, we expect and hope that you will comply and will immediately remove all images and likenesses from your My Space pages, and any other websites or printed materials, within the next three (3) days. We have also been made aware that you have used images from other vendors on MercadoLibre and another website designed to sell MY instructions, so would hope you would also remove their materials from your site. Your failure to remove these materials will demonstrate to us that you have no intention to move forward in a civil manner, and we would then aggressively pursue all avenues available to us. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of international law.


Angie Buckles

Owner & Designer

Monday, September 27, 2010

Turkey Time

Get your order in for your Turkey bow!!

These can be made on a funky loopy bow OR a boutique "the works" bow. This one is sold but she is a GREAT model. ;o) You can pick the colors you would like for yours!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Time for a NEW winner! :O)

I will be drawing today for a winner of the "Jesus Loves Me" funky loopy bow! If you are picked be sure to email me and let me know!!!


The winner is.......
Jessica Potter

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toy Story 3 Funky Loopy Hair Bow

We went to the movies on Father's day and watched Toy Story 3. It was full of laughs and a very touching story. If you have not had a chance to watch it then put it on your to do list for this summer. I was inspired to create a funky loopy bow! This is listed on ETSY.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jesus Is FREE :O)

Today was a hot but beautiful day! Everyday that the Lord has beautiful! A friend of mine named Anna (RoseyThreads) made my daughter this super cute dress. We loved it soooo much that I made a bow to match and had my daughter model the bow for you all. You can also see this sweet dress in the photos. I decided to make this gorgeous bow a FREE one. As I was making it my thoughts were on Jesus and just how giving He is. That He IS LOVE and He is free for all who accept him. Jesus paid the price for each of us. So the price of this bow has been paid in full. Shipping included. (clippy not included)

~~All you have to do to enter in to this drawing for the free bow is to visit my etsy store and let me know what your favorite accessory is that I have listed. Post here on my blog your answer and you are entered. It is that easy!! Post this on your blog or on facebook and get an extra entry.~~

Thank you all so much and have a wonderful SUMMER!! More giveaways to come... be sure to "like" me on facebook to keep informed of all the new fun things going on here at DoodlesBowtique.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bows Bows and more BOWS!

I have been one bow making Momma! Be sure to come and check out my etsy. I have listed lots of new bows. :O) Here is a peek at an upcoming one....