Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet Update

Here are some new pictures of our new little baby. ;o) Please excuse my son's hair. lollll He wanted to jump in the picture to give some kisses to the baby. The bow and headband my daugher is modeling is up for sale. :O) Make me an offer?!?


While outside feeling the chill in the air I saw something that caught my eye. I have always been a bird watcher. Love to listen to them "talk" and have come to enjoy watching them interact with each other. Here is a woodpecker. I got some pretty good pictures of him. I am learning about my new camera and hope to be able to get some more clear ones soon. Anyways enjoy these ;o) I know I am!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

eBay Listings

Hi everyone!! I have added some new bows to eBay. Be sure to check them out.

Here is a peek at one. ;o)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Family Member

We would like to welcome BOWSER to our family. ;o) He is a poodle. At nine weeks of age he is 3 lbs. 4oz. He is one of two who we are getting. Our other little sweet guy will not be ready for us to pick up until Feb. Here are some pics of our new guy! He is super duper sweet and loves the kiddos so much. This weekend has been filled with lots of kisses with that puppy breath.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

~Buy it now listings on eBay~

Yippie!!! I have some listings on ebay. Be sure to check them out. Who loves tinker bell?? Well we do here for sure. If you are be sure to grab this one of a kind bow. A FuNkY LoOpY bow perfect for your little sweetie!
Click here for the TinkerBell eBay Listing.

Come fly away with me!!! Some of my ivy group mates did a mini launch with things that can fly!! Search "ivylane" on ebay to find some other beautiful listing. Here are the bows I made to match Angela and her designs. She is WONDERFUL and her designs are breathtaking. Erin who is our talented jewels designer made the necklace to match. If you do not have a piece of her work you should really pick one up. You will love it! Below are the bows!
Click here for the Butterfly eBay Listing.

Thank you girls for looking. :O) Stay warm !!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

50% off sale

Hurry over to and grab some yummy bows for some even yummier prices!! 50% off almost EVERYTHING in my online store. Click the following link to be right to the SuPeR DuPeR SaLe. Sign up for my newsletter and and post here on my blog under "comments" to enter yourself to win this bow! The newsletter sign up is at the bottom of this blog! Thanks girls!!!!

Please spread the word on this super sale! ;o) Post it on your blog and you will also enter yourself in the drawing for this one of a kind bow seen below.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What now.. Out of Business?

Well I have had several emails asking me what do I plan to do when this new law goes in to place. I wished I could answer you with a straight answer but I can not. :O( As of now come Feb. 10th I will not be able to sell my hair accessories to children under the age of 12. The new law is making it so that we have to have all of our handmade things lead tested. EVEN though our products that we use to make our designs are already tested, they are saying we must test them 3rd party. This is VERY expensive and not something people can just pay for. SO what now?? Buy buy buy! LOLL All of the accessories I have for sale on ebay, etsy, and my online store will not be in stock as of Feb.10th. If I sell I could be fined. We are trying to get this law changed! I will post any website and or information to you all that you can write to. I need help as do so many other designers to have your voice heard! To save handmade items! So please ladies stock up on those accessories that you are wanting before Feb. 10th. PLEASE I ask that all of you who are NOT on my mailing list PLEASE do so. This will be the BEST way to keep everyone posted. At the bottom of this page you will see a place to sign up.

Have custom orders?? Hurry and get them in before Feb.10th. Let's all hope and pray this does not last long....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Five Dollar Bow Deal

WOW I just can not end this one tomorrow! SO I have decided to extend this wonderful offer. Below is information on how to place your order. Need a bow for Valentines? St. Patty's Day? A Birthday? Easter? You name the theme and I will make the bow. :O)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wanna Deal?

~~WOW!~~For a limited time ONLY I am offering a huge deal. I have so much ribbon in so many themes that I would like to make some room for more. LOLL Yes MORE ribbon. Call me a ribbon addict. From now until Jan. 6th (unless all the spots fill up before then) you will be able to buy a CUSTOM bow for $5 each. In any theme you pick. That's right... ONLY $5.00 a bow. They will be my 3 layer "the works" bows. Below this post are some examples of the style. I can only take 15 orders at this time for this price so hurry before they all fill up. No limit of bows per order. Shipping is only $2.00 Here is all you have to do.. copy and paste the order form below, fill it out, and email it to me. I will make the bows in the order I receive payment. Yippppie!!! I am soooo excited to get started on your bows! I look forward to hearing from you

Number of bows:
Theme of bow/bows:
Clip pick: (french or alligator)
paypal email address: (so that I can send you an invoice)

eMail the above information to my email address

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pooch in Doodles

Guessssss what!?! Now at DoodlesBowtique we are making bows for your furbabies! Check us out on etsy. ;o)

Daddy's work of art

Here is Daddy's clay creation for the creme*de*la*gems challenge. ( Madie did the candy canes on it. ;o) Shhh don't tell. )