Monday, April 11, 2011

Cease and Desist

April, 12, 2011


Nombre: Rodriguez, Sandra

Ubicación: México (México D.f.)

Teléfono: 55-18187030


Re: Cease and Desist / Violation of Copyrighted Images and Designs

Dear Ms. Rodriquez:

This is to notify you that we are aware of your misappropriation of our images from our Website, Etsy Shop, Online Photo Storage Sites, Facebook Page, and Digital Tutorials/Ebooks containing original DoodlesBowtique designs, pictures, instructions, pictures of my child, a minor and my logo

We are aware many photos on your website that were taken directly from our site. My logo "DoodlesBowtique" is in MOST of the pictures. We are also aware that you are selling our copyrighted hair bow tutorials as your own. You have plagarised them and are reselling them which is in direct violation of American and Mexican copyright laws. Our instructions are written by us, they show photos of US in them depicting each and every step.

We are demanding that you immediately remove these photos from your listings, and any other advertisement materials, both electronic or printed materials, and that you do not process any orders placed for items you have been misrepresenting as your original creations and photographs.

We invest a lot of energy and time creating our unique designs, editing our photos, choosing page layouts and maintaining our website. We respect other individuals that are attempting to run their businesses online, and we demand the same respect in return. We are very committed to protecting our business and will take whatever means necessary to ensure that our hard work is not misappropriated in the marketplace.

Therefore, we expect and hope that you will comply and will immediately remove all images and likenesses from your My Space pages, and any other websites or printed materials, within the next three (3) days. We have also been made aware that you have used images from other vendors on MercadoLibre and another website designed to sell MY instructions, so would hope you would also remove their materials from your site. Your failure to remove these materials will demonstrate to us that you have no intention to move forward in a civil manner, and we would then aggressively pursue all avenues available to us. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of international law.


Angie Buckles

Owner & Designer