Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy to introduce....

We are happy to introduce our last furbabie for now. ;o) His name is Yoshie. We are in love!! He was a bit shy when we first got him. A HUGE cry baby and shook like a leaf. A few days and lots of love and kisses and we knew he was going to be part of our family for the rest of his life. Oh and another DoodlesBowtique model. ;o) YES just beacause he is a BOY he seems to love modeling our pooch bows. hehe Ok maybe not LOVE but he sure seems to smile for the camera. Here are a few pictures of our Valentine's day weekend. We were having fun in the yard with the new babies. What a better Valentine's could a gal ask for? The man of her dreams, her beautiful children, and Christ as our rock.

Here is Yoshie doing his first modeling job! One of many to come. :O)

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  1. Yoshie is adorable!! Congrats on the new family member!



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