Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I could...

If I could just have a few minutes with the super famous Tony Romo.... I have to say Mr. Romo you are a disappointment to the very loyal fans of the Dallas Cowboys. While sitting week after week and watching you play sloppy football I have to wonder sir do you have someone paying you to lose? My hopes soar through the air each week only to be over thrown and or intercepted. Excuses have been made for you Mr. Romo for the last few years. We blamed the girl. We blamed T.O. now sir we are left to blame no one but you. Can the play calling be better? Yes it can, but somewhere in all of that you have to complete passes. You have to throw the ball the YOUR players and not the opposing team. Where is your head this year Romo? I am out of excuses to make for you. You are left alone passing the ball much like a high school player. Your best move would be to convince Jessica to come back to you and making sure that T.O. can forgive the owners of the Cowboys and come back. I sir can not afford a ticket to see you play in the new stadium but if you can make a turn around be sure to mail me a ticket to be front and center with my family at my side as we cheer on what we have prayed for..... GOOD FOOTBALL!!!!! Come on Romo!!!! You have fans out here young and old ready for you to make the decision to play some REAL ball.

From a homeschool mom who loves the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!!

One last thing...... GO DEFENSE!!! Without you where would we be?!?

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