Saturday, July 4, 2009

Autographs @ Disney

My son told me that the ONLY way he would take picture this year with the characters is if we did autographs. UGH I thought to myself. The years before we buy those books you get from Disney that are located in every store there. This time I wanted something fun and different as I knew I would be scrap booking this trip and the ones before. So I can up with this idea... out of the box but yet something that I could see myself using years AFTER our trip. The characters would sign the tags and I could use them in my scrapbook with pictures of the kiddos around the signature. Below is what I came up with. The back is also all done up but I forget to get a picture of the back.
LOLL Some scrapbook material, mod podge, clip board, rings, stickers, and some work and this is the end result. I think I will sell them?!? It was a blast to make.


  1. Oh my goodness~that is so stinkin cute~I would deffinatley buy one~ xoxo Andrea

  2. I am a Disney addict.....just back from a trip....So glad to find your blog...


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